Take your hunting and rifleman skills to the next level, we will teach you how to extended your maximum effective range past what you are used to. We will teach how to take full advantage of your surroundings whilst in the field by increasing your knowledge in positional shooting with and without aids.
 Engage targets out to 500m and 600m if you are good enough, learn some basic ballistics and projectile selection to ensure a quick and effective dispatch of game animals. Hold overs, basic wind reading and much more.
 Maximum 8 positions available so be quick 
 Duration- 2 Days,
 We will be camping overnight at the range so you will need whatever sleeping gear you see fit. Food and drink is BYO, you will be able to purchase drinks on course and we will supply tea and coffee.
 Your standard hunting rifle is capable of more than you think,
• minimum calibre 223,
• maximum calibre 8mm jacketed
• General hunting scopes all that’s needed
• 200 rounds of ammo is needed
• You can purchase ammo through the courseYou Bring:
 Licensed Rifle with bipod and Quality scope
 200 rounds minimum of factory ammunition or carefully prepared hand loaded ammunition
 Shooting mat
 Pens and pencils
 Hearing protection (electronic preferred)
 Clear shooting eye protection
 Cleaning equipment
 Seasonal clothing
 Wet weather gear
 Ballistics Software (Phone App) optional
 Ballistic AE preferred phone app.
 Rice bag or sand bag for the rifle butt