The 365 Precision Training long range shooting course has been designed to provide those, no matter their skill level, the ability to make consistent shots on target out at long range. This is achieved through a staged process where students begin with the basics and progress through the two days into more advanced and technical training.
 A brief outline of what to expect is as follows:
• System setup and equipment,
• Theory covering – atmospherics and ballistics,
• Personalised rifle data,
• Atmospheric and ballistic sensors,
• Ballistic solvers,
• Practical shooting out to 1000 m,
• Wind assessment,
• Various firing positions and alternatives.
 The full two days are needed to provide shooters not just training but also an understanding of long range shooting requirements. The goal is for those that attend to be able to walk away and self-correct any issues they encounter in future shooting activities.
 Identifying the fault and knowing the appropriate action to take is vitally important for success at long range shooting; half skill and half problem solving. For this, we will coach the skill and educate for the solving, in the end leaving you a more complete shooter.

You Bring:
 Licensed Rifle with bipod
 Quality scope with external turrets with at least 13 Milrad (45 MOA) of elevation after zeroing at 100m
 200 rounds minimum of factory match grade ammunition or carefully prepared hand loaded ammunition
 Shooting mat
 Pens and pencils
 Hearing protection (electronic preferred)
 Clear shooting eye protection
 Cleaning equipment
 Seasonal clothing
 Wet weather gear
 Ballistics Software (Phone App)
 Ballistic AE preferred phone app.
 Rice bag or sand bag for the rifle butt