Rifles Only Slap Card

Rifles Only Slap Card

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The Rifles Only Slap Card is a unique storage pocket to protect your rifle data or range card.  Keep it flat in a data book or slap it on your wrist for a match!

The Rifles Only Slap Card is a clear screened sleeve with a Velcro closure to provide protection from dust and dirt, keeping the environment from getting to your important information.  Secreted within the Cordura back panel are spring metal slap bands that firmly conform the data card to your forearm without clips or velcro.  Simply slap it on and go.

Like the majority of Rifles Only equipment the Slap Card is versatile, having a Velcro strip so it can be used in conjunction with the velcro panels on the Rifles Only Shooting Mat or Modular Shooters Book


External Dimension:

21cm x 14cm

Internal Dimension:

19cm x 12cm